greenhouseRed Gate Farm is an educational paulachickenfarm providing farm experiences for children.  The heart of our program lies in real farming for real kids.  We put tools in the child’s hand and let them discover the joys of activity, challenge and satisfaction of a job done well.  Meaningful work at the farm includesyc4smiles caring for animals, tending the gardens, cooking meals, repairing buildings, constructing fences, managing woodlots and any number of other pieces of work that need to be done to maintain a small farm in working order.  As we work side by side, we find companionship in each other, and learn more about ourselves.

leapinglambAt the farm, children find themselves engrossed in new activities, sensations and experiences.  Youngsters eagerly shove on their boots as they hurry out into the rain to gather in the onions that were left out to dry.  Singing songs, we march along the dirt road with tools in hand on our way to the upper field to repair a fenceline.  The older kids laugh and shout as they joenoserace to catch up to the flock of sheep that have escaped into the back pasture.  Quietly, we stand together and gaze upwards at the twinkling lights of the summer night sky and feel the majesty of it all.  In the distant woods, an owl hoots at the moon, and a fox calls out to its mate.  Crickets sing, and we smile and whisper together, walking back to our beds, content in another farm day’s passing.

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Camperships to CampOUT have been donated!

by Emmy Howe

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Gay Marriage and so much progress in other areas, several Camperships have been donated to support families wishing their children to attend CampOUT at Red Gate Farm.  Unfortunately, LGBTQ kids are still not safe in schools and kids from LGBT families are in educational communities where they are witness to homophobia and anti gay name calling.  There is still a great need for the one week in the year where they are safe from hearing negative messages about their families and caring adults in their lives..  We can protect our kids quite effectively but over the years my children (28, 26, 18 and 18) have found that there is special strength, comfort and sparkle in the company of other kids with LGBTQ parents and guardians.

yc4smilesTime spent in a farm setting is a great opportunity for young people.  Put tools in the child’s hand and watch them discover the joys of activity, challenge and satisfaction of a job done well.  Campers actually become part of the farm.  They learn the value of real work, find love in the nurturing of animals, and discover something about themselves in the process.  As we work side by side, we find fellowship in each other, and learn more about ourselves. What we do is simple farming, but what we experience is profound and a lasting life experience.Interested families should call (413) 625-9503 or email Ben Murray to discuss their need for financial aid and to make payment arrangments.  No families will be turned down.  The minimum fee will be $50 per CampOUT applicant.

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